Location and How to Get There


The workshop will be located in south-central Poland, in a small workshop center in Kików near Busko Zdrój, about 100 km NE from Krakow and ca. 250 km south from Warsaw.



The accommodation standard will be similar to the previous workshops with simple 2-4 person rooms plus one large 9 person room in the attic. This time we are going to have a separate dining room and a large octagonal room for the presentations and discussions.

The workshop center is located on top of former gypsum quarries surrounded by xerothermic grasslands and rocks, around 2 km NW from the village of Kików.

How to get there

We will organize free pick-up from the neighbouring towns (Busko-Zdrój and Solec-Zdrój) located ca. 10 km from the workshop place.
There are a few buses a day from Warsaw Central Bus Station to Busko-Zdrój and from Kraków Central Bus Station to Busko-Zdrój and Solec-Zdrój. Plus there are some mini-bus lines - we will try to get hold of all the timetables.
If you have a choice between flying to Krakow or Warsaw, choose Krakow as the journey is 2.5 times shorter (2 hrs versus nearly 5 hours on the bus). 
50°25’03″Pn, 20°51’30″W

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